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Ingredients & Dog Treat Recipes

We get lots of questions about what ingredients we use in our dog treat recipes. Here’s a list of what goes into our tasty cupcakes and dog treats:

Gluten Free Flour: While not all dogs are intolerant of wheat some are so to be on the safe side we use gluten free flour for all our dog treats.

Honey: Honey is a great natural sweetener and it’s also full of vitamins and minerals like potassium, calcium and magnesium. We use 100% Queensland honey.

Peanut Butter: Peanut butter is a good source of all-natural protein it’s also a source of vitamin H which great for the coat. Most importantly we find that dog’s love it! Our Peanut Butter Pups are always the first of our dog treats to sell out at the markets.

Molasses: Molasses is a great source for iron, copper, and potassium. We use blackstrap molasses which contains the least amount of sugar. It’s a great way to add some natural sweetness to our dog treats.

Carob: Carob is a safe alternative to chocolate that dogs can eat. Chocolate contains theobromine or theophylline, which can stem the flow of blood to the brain.

Yoghurt: Yoghurt drops have no added cocoa so they are safe for dogs to eat. They’re also made from GMO-free ingredients. You can find these along with carob drops at your local pet store sold as ‘dog chocolates’. We use these to decorate and flavour a lot of our treats.

Fruit: We use a variety of fruit in our treats including mixed berries, apples, bananas.

We also use canola oil, eggs, vanilla, oats, ginger and cinnamon. Most importantly there is no additional sugar, salt or any chemical preservatives used in our cupcakes or dog treats.

We like to bake dog treats for our canine friends that have everyday ingredients that would be familiar to you and you can find at the supermarket or local health food store. While we use all dog friendly ingredients for our treats, they’re designed to be a little piece of decadence for your pooch rather than a substitute for a wholesome healthy diet.

Dog Treat Recipes
You can find loads of dog treat recipes online. There are also plenty of books available that contain great dog treat recipes. Three Dog Bakery was the original dog bakery in the US. These guys do fantastic stuff and they’ve published a few recipe books including the Three Dog Bakery Cookbook that contains dog treat recipes you can use at home. You can find this book and others at Amazon or I’ve found that even though most Australian book stores won’t stock them they’ll order them in for you.

Our dog treat recipes come from sources we find online and books. We also get inspiration from human treats we see in local cafes and bakeries. We like to adapt the recipes and ideas we find to put our own spin on them and of course, when required, make any changes to make them safe for dogs.


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