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Christmas treats for your dog

With Christmas just around the corner we thought it was time to bring out a selection of cute Christmas packs for your furry friends. Our new Christmas packs are priced from $5 to $15 and include a range of our most popular cupcakes as well as a few new treats.

Christmas dog treats

Our $5 pack (pictured at the front) contains 2 apple and cinnamon flavoured canine candy canes drizzled with carob and yoghurt. Our $10 pack pictured on the right contains 6 Christmas cupcakes (2 x banana, 2 x peanut butter & 2 x chocolate) all bundled up in a cute gift box. The $15 pack pictured at the back contains 3 canine candy canes and 6 Chistmas cupcakes wrapped up together in a Christmas gift box. Of course all of our dog treats contain dog friendly ingredients.

We’re taking orders at the Mitchelton markets on the 7th December for pick up at the Mitchelton twilight markets on the 23rd December and at the New Farm markets on the 14th December for pick up at the Powerhouse twilight markets on the 21st December. You can also contact us via email or phone (0405 445 020) to place an order and arrange another collection time and place. All our cupcakes are baked fresh so we’re aiming to deliver as close to Christmas as possible.

If we don’t see  you at the markets, have a great Christmas. We look forward to seeing you again in 2009!


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