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Dog day care Brisbane

There are some great dog services available around Brisbane. Dog day cares have been around for little while now but they are becoming increasingly popular so more and more centres are opening up.

Noogie attends day care one day a week at Paddington Pups in Paddington. He’s an only child so it’s great for him to socialise with other dogs not to mention the full day of exercise he gets (compared to his normal daily routine of sleeping around the house!). Doggie day care centres are popping up all around the place so chances are you can find one convenient for you.

All centres require the dogs to be up to date with their C5 vaccination (the standard annual vaccination) and some require them to be desexed as well. 

At Paddington Pups dogs are placed in groups depending on their size, personality and temperament. You’ll even get a weekly report card on your dog’s activities and friendships formed with his/her pooch pals. They also offer a pick up and drop off service in the local area if you can’t make it to the centre on Heussler Terrace in Milton yourself. Noogie attends one day per week but the more you send them the cheaper it gets. Karly from Paddington Pups says ‘the amount of times you need to send them really depends on your dog and your daily commitments. If you work full time and your dog really suffers from separation anxiety you may want to send them a few times per week. If you just want to break up your dogs routine and give them an opportunity to socialise with other dogs, one day per week or fortnight might be enough’. Paddington Pups also offer a number of other services including hydrobaths and grooming (which can happen during day care), dog walking, pet feeding and puppy home visits plus they have a good range of pet supplies.

Red Rover Ranch are located on Hope Street, South Brisbane. They’re a canine adventure playground and development centre. Here dogs enjoy a variety of activities including play time, tricks training, rest time, walks and obstacle courses. The days are structured to ensure enough variety to accommodate different personalities and individual requirements of different breeds, ages and play styles. Of course treat time is an important part of any dog’s day. Pups can bring a play lunch packed from home or mums and dads can purchase something from the tuckshop! Red Rover Ranch also offers additional services including hydrobaths and grooming, a good range of pet supplies and professional advice from their experienced team (including Jodie the manager who is a qualified vet nurse).

There are a few other places around Brisbane that might be convenient for you:

If you’re interested it’s well worth visiting your local centre to see what they have to offer. Noogie’s day in care is a great investment for us. Thursday mornings are a whirlwind of tail waggin’ excitement in our house because he knows that it’s day care day and Thursday nights are peacefully quiet except for the odd twitch and whimper that escape his puppy dreams.


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