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Easter treats for your dog

Easter treats for your dog

As Easter is just around the corner we’ve been working on some special treats to share with your dog. With so much chocolate around you may be tempted to share with your pooch, forgetting for a moment just how dangerous chocolate can be for dogs.

Chocolate contains theobromine or theophylline, which can stem the flow of blood to the brain. If you’re in the market for a gift for your dog this Easter look for carob or yoghurt products which are a safe alternative for dogs.

In keeping with the spirit we have a couple of tasty treats available for your dogs. Our Easter egg cookies come in peanut butter and chocolate (carob) flavoured and they’re hand decorated with carob and various flavoured yoghurts like banana. They come in a 2-pack for $6.

We also have packs of small solid Easter eggs. They’re a mix of carob and vanilla, strawberry, banana or apricot yoghurt. Perfect for Easter egg hunts! They come in a pack of 8 for $5.

Our Easter treats are available to purchase by emailing us, contacting us on 0405 445 020 or at the next New Farm markets on 28 March.


1 Comment

  1. Barbara says:


    I received in the mail a package containing 6 doggy cupcakes.
    My doggy LOVED them. and it took all of my resistance not
    to take a teeny taste of them myself. Smelt delicious.


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