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Sweet Chops has gone on holidays!

Andy, Noogie and I will be on holidays for the month of April. Unfortunately this means we won’t be able to fill any orders during this time.

The good news is that our stockists are all loaded up to ensure that your furkids don’t miss out of their Sweet Chops treats while we’re away. Check out our stockist page to find the store closest to you.

We’ll be back on deck from early May and at the New Farm markets on Saturday 9th May.

We look forward to seeing you there!

Emma, Andy & Noogie.



  1. Kate & Charlie says:

    Thank goodness your back!! I gave my puppy Charlie his first Terrier Treat on the weekend and he was one happy little poodle!! Keep Albany Creek Pet Cafe stocked because Im pretty sure they are going to be addictive! Yum!
    Thanks Emma, Andy & Noogie!! 🙂

  2. Kate & Charlie says:

    Hi! I gave my puppy, Charlie, he very first taste of Sweet Chops and the weekend and I had a very happy poodle on my hands! He LOVED them! Tarts and cupcakes are definately a favourite – I will definately be buying many more in the future! Luckily they are low in fat and all natural or I would have a very happy, but tubby, poodle!!
    Thanks Emma, Andy & Noogie!
    Love Kate, Harry & Charlie 🙂

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